Lily nail art

Want to learn how to create lily inspired nail art? Watch Marie-Louise guide you in this tutorial.

Tortoise nail inspiration

I wanted to show off a design that can be adapted in lots of ways to create a new look for tortoise shell. I also wanted to remind people that individuality and uniqueness is a great thing and not not compare your work to others just concentrate on your own journey and embrase every mistake […]

Cuteycles brush stroke effect nail art design tutorial using gel polish

For today’s tutorial, I have chosen to talk about the brush stroke effect manicure and how to achieve it using polish.  I love the abstract/brush stroke nail art designs as each set is like no other. Each design is a tech’s expression of art that is unique, personal, and individual. I do believe this nail art […]

Light Elegance P+ Application on a Natural Nail

In this step-by-step tutorial, Victoria Trafford walks you through the application process for the all-new Light Elegance P+ Gel Polish System, with tips and tricks on how to get the perfect result.