Matte Smokey Eye with Emerald

Heather will be showcasing her signature style on a special guest. She will be discussing her go-to products, brushes, techniques and expert advice with an insight into popular make-up trends for this season.


Discover how to achieve a perfect lift each and every time with LASHUS. In this video, Lead LASHUS Educator Jacki Clarke walks through the LASHUS The Lift process, showcasing the fabulous before and after results that this treatment can offer your clients.

LASHUS Classic Extensions

Learn how to achieve that fabulous flutter with the LASHUS Classic Extensions. Lead LASHUS Education Ambassador Jacki Clarke discusses all aspects of the LASHUS Extensions treatment, from consultation, to lash analysis to application.

Making kinder, animal-free beauty choices

Do you REALLY know what’s in your makeup collection? Here I will be chatting about what the phrase ‘Cruelty Free’ actually means, and letting you know some of the shocking animal ingredients you could be unknowingly putting on your skin.

7 worst waxing habits

Let’s talk about the 7 worst waxing habits. First, I hope you don’t have any of these habits and that you’d like to make sure you do not make these mistakes in the future. Remember, any bad waxing habits can be worked on and can disappear completely. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FREE E-BOOK