Recruitment in the beauty industry

Over my 20 plus years in the beauty industry, one of the most important, but challenging aspects of any beauty/spa business is recruiting the right staff and retaining them. I am going to talk about the importance of taking recruitment seriously, different ways to recruit with my top tips, and then how vital it is […]

Your Salon’s Online Health Score

Did you embrace new opportunities for your online in 2020? Here, Phorest’s Head of Education Niamh Greaney talks through how you can get your personalised report on your business’ Online Health Score, and the triggers you can pull to up your game.

Interview with Gill Morris detailing her inspirational career story

Gill discusses some of the many options that a career in beauty offers; particularly those that learners may not be thinking about, she uses her own story to illustrate these roles which cover working in/owning a salon, the supplier side and post-graduate/advanced training. This presentation comes with lots of photos detailing a 40-year career and […]

Profit Vampires – Do you have any lurking within your price list?

Are you busy working all the time but there never seems to be enough cash left at the end of the month? You probably have some profit vampires lurking in your price list which are damaging your ability to make a good profit. In this video Kelly talks about what profit vampires are and shares […]

Social media ads that actually get you more clients!

Step away from the Facebook boost button! Ignore the Promote Now on Instagram! This talk is all about using Facebook Business Manager to run campaigns that convert. You’ll learn what Business Manager is and why your salon needs to use it, how to set up targeted ad groups for your clients, the campaigns that can […]

How to attract your ideal client by creating a client persona

How to attract your ideal client by creating a client persona. Sarah at Blossom Tree Social talks about what you need to know to create your persona and how to attract them on Instagram. Client persona form available on Blossom Tree Social website (free resource section) to help you.

Instagram Mini Masterclass

Are you ready to make an impact on Instagram? Join me on this whistle stop tour of what you should and shouldn’t be doing to grow your business on Instagram.

Helping your team back to the workplace

During these unprecedented times, businesses have to adapt to the new ‘normal’. Government and industry guidelines are constantly evolving and are subject to change. Spas have to work to ensure they follow the rules and regulations but also be aware of their business model and ensure they keep their clients not only safe but happy. […]

The Person Behind The Page

75% of consumers say that they use social media as part of their buying process, which is why it is now more important than ever to utilize your social media and brand yourself in a way that will engage clients. Showing your clients ‘The Person Behind The Page’ will allow them to relate to you […]

What not to say at an interview

Find out what not to say at an interview, with this webinar by Linda Hill, Author of Amazon bestselling book “Beauty Therapist to Entrepreneur”.