Recruitment in the beauty industry

Over my 20 plus years in the beauty industry, one of the most important, but challenging aspects of any beauty/spa business is recruiting the right staff and retaining them. I am going to talk about the importance of taking recruitment seriously, different ways to recruit with my top tips, and then how vital it is to retain amazing staff.


Anna Nickless

I have a passion for the beauty industry and with over 20 years’ experience, I want to help as many beauty salons and spa owners create the business and life they deserve. I owned four successful high street beauty salons for twelve years, which I sold in 2019, I have a teaching qualification, I have worked as a beauty therapist, spa manager, and much more. I know all the challenges you are faced with, but I also know how to achieve a profitable business and a balanced home life. I am a certified NLP practitioner which I feel really helps with the consultancy side of our business.