Cuteycles brush stroke effect nail art design tutorial using gel polish

For today’s tutorial, I have chosen to talk about the brush stroke effect manicure and how to achieve it using polish.  I love the abstract/brush stroke nail art designs as each set is like no other. Each design is a tech’s expression of art that is unique, personal, and individual. I do believe this nail art design has become my signature look that clients associate my work with the most, and one of the designs that I love to create the most – which is why I have chosen this topic today. 


Emily Cording

I am a gel polish specialist/ nail tech based in Castleford, West Yorkshire. I qualified as a nail tech in August 2018 with Gelish Georgie Smedley Group and proudly became a brand ambassador in February 2020. Since then, I have become a monthly columnist from Summer 2020 for the salon magazine, giving readers my top tips within the world of nails. Most recently, I have also become a brand ambassador for Enchanted Decals in July 2020. My work mainly consists of me doing what I love to do the most – which is creating hand-painted nail art designs. I am the biggest advocate for natural beauty, natural nail, and nail health/care.