7 worst waxing habits

Let’s talk about the 7 worst waxing habits. First, I hope you don’t have any of these habits and that you’d like to make sure you do not make these mistakes in the future. Remember, any bad waxing habits can be worked on and can disappear completely.



Marta Zaczkowska

Marta Zaczkowska is an international waxing expert, teaching other professionals how to become successful waxing specialists, increase profit and build a successful waxing business. Marta has over 15 years of combined experience specialising in intimate hair removal and pregnancy waxing in Poland and the UK. She is the owner of Waxing Specialist salon and Academy in London and also advises other salon owners at Marta Zaczkowska Consultancy. Marta recognises various challenges waxing specialists and business owners are facing, and as a dedicated educator, she created a unique online course called “Intimate Wax Formula” the first-ever pregnancy intimate waxing course, as well as a tool called The Waxing Audit™ to support specialists in their professional and financial growth. Marta has conducted multiple webinars and spoken at conferences. She is also a regular contributor to trade and press articles.