Concept Salon Furniture

We are an independent manufacturer and supplier of top quality HAIR SALON FURNITURE and BARBERSHOP FURNITURE we have a huge selection of “IN STOCK” furniture for fast nationwide delivery or you can have your furniture made to order with quick lead times at a very competitive price. CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR WEBSITE


Zen Hair luxury hair extensions are superior extensions for clients with high expectations and a desire to keep in line with the very latest styles, trends and creations. These elite extensions are premium quality, from a source guaranteed to be 100% Virgin Hair. Zen produces three ranges that are peerless when it comes to style […]

Salon Tracker Software

Salon Tracker is designed to save you time, remove stress and improve organisation. Our software helps with the day-to-day management of your salon, improving the client booking service, and also helping to reduce no-shows. We suit the needs of all salons, providing a service that helps to boost profits!

Mane UK Ltd

Mane UK Ltd manufactures the world’s Number One Hair Thickening Spray. Used by many TV personalities and celebrities/actors, it is quick, effective and easy to use, providing instant coverage for fine or thinning hair. Available in 12 shades and a 200 ml & 100 ml can. Suitable for both men & women.

Hair & Beauty HR

To build a top-performing salon team, you need to have the correct set of procedures, policies and HR documents that are designed to promote individual professionalism and a profitable business. Hair & Beauty HR has everything you need in one place and we are here to ensure that you are compliant with UK legislation, all […]

Scissorhands UK

We are the home of educating and inspiring professional stylists on a higher level. Scissorhands are the only hairdressers’ scissors company in the UK made up of real hairdressers, meaning we’re just as passionate about haircutting as you are. We design, educate, demonstrate and repair your scissors.