Salon Tracker Software

Salon Tracker is designed to save you time, remove stress and improve organisation. Our software helps with the day-to-day management of your salon, improving the client booking service, and also helping to reduce no-shows. We suit the needs of all salons, providing a service that helps to boost profits!

Mane UK Ltd

Mane UK Ltd manufactures the world’s Number One Hair Thickening Spray. Used by many TV personalities and celebrities/actors, it is quick, effective and easy to use, providing instant coverage for fine or thinning hair. Available in 12 shades and a 200 ml & 100 ml can. Suitable for both men & women.

Hair & Beauty HR

To build a top-performing salon team, you need to have the correct set of procedures, policies and HR documents that are designed to promote individual professionalism and a profitable business. Hair & Beauty HR has everything you need in one place and we are here to ensure that you are compliant with UK legislation, all […]